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Globalization means commercial opportunities are going global - as is competition to exploit them. Business is increasingly becoming about having "feelers" out on the ground, where and when things happen.

The Trade Council acts as the local eyes of Danish companies, with the expertise to help companies by sparring and providing specialized knowledge of the local market. Read about our case examples of companies making good use of The Trade Council’s advice here.

The Trade Council works to raise awareness about Danish companies and solutions internationally. Our advisors help draw interest from the right people, and ensure that your company gets access to the right contacts on the local market. Our advice plays a key part in opening doors to the right markets, and helps your company achieve export success.

With a thorough insight into markets and audiences, The Trade Council provide a unique opportunity for Danish companies to present products and create references that can lead to successful export. The Danish embassies stand ready to cooperate locally and help your company reach new goals.