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Our commercial services

We are here to help you start doing business in Hungary. Here are some of our typical services.

Are you interested in exporting to Hungary? 
We carry out market research and identify potential local partners. Subsequently, we can assist in arranging a visit program and related assistance.  

Are you looking for new sourcing options? 
We find local qualified manufacturers, and put together a meeting program for you.

Do you want to set up a sales office, invest / buy business? 
We help you find the right facilities and location, identify possible support schemes and screen purchase candidates.

Are you going to arrange a group visit? 
We arrange a professional program when you visit Hungary and we offer lectures in the Embassy's conference room on political, economic and business.

Would you like a business meeting at the Embassy?
We rent out our Embassy facilities – and upon request can host events in the Ambassador´s Residence. 

Do you have problems at government level? 
We have contacts at the highest level and can address the issues you face. Part of our Global Public Affairs activities is to facilitate your communication with the host country.

Do you want to make a promotional event at the Embassy? 
We can attract the right participants at Stakeholder events. We have extensive experience in planning and implementing promotional events.
For more details on the Fees of Trade Council and the available subsidies, please contact our Embassy team.

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