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Work in Denmark

Here you can find information about working in Denmark.

In recent years Denmark has attracted foreign labour to a number of trades. Unemployment is still relatively low in Denmark and it is expected that the need for foreign labour will increase in the coming years. To find openings, please visit the job bank.

To find more information about the Danish labour market, please visit:

New to Denmark

After the 1st of May 2009 the eastern European workers have access to the Danish labour market on equal terms as all other EU citizens. Since the “East agreement” which demanded work permits for new EU citizens will seize to be in effect.

As of the 1st May there is no longer any difference in whether the foreign employee comes from Hungary or Holland. Eastern workers must be considered in the same way as Danish employees, and they must follow the same rules (such as obtaining an employment contract and following the holiday act).

All EU citizens can work in Denmark without a work permit. However if any worker wish to work in Denmark for more than 3 months, he or she must consult with the state administration, where they must bring employment contract and passport. At the state administration they will get an EU certificate of registration. It is a perpetual proof that they are now working in Denmark.

Temporary workers from Eastern Europe will be covered by collective agreements in exactly the same way as similar Danish staff. However if they are hired in a position not covered by any collective agreements, they are only covered by the rules of posting code. Thus there will be no requirement to pay.

Citizens of the newest EU member countries can establish independent businesses, and provide or receive services in Denmark on equal footing with other EU citizens. These countries' citizens can also study in Denmark like other EU citizens

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